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Travel Expert and Author Betsi Hill is the creator of two digital brands, and FloridaTravelDestination is an upscale travel brand, established in 2022 covering the best destinations, food, and lifestyles in the Sunshine state.

Her expert contributions have been sought after and featured in national and local outlets including Best Life, Jax Channel 4 Morning Show, Big Blend Radio, Voyage Media, TravelAwaits, and She Buys Travel.

She is currently working on a book to be published in late 2023. Her decade of experience includes travel destination networking, travel writing and photography, and working in the travel influencer space.

When Betsi is on the move, you never know what she’ll discover! She resides in one of Florida’s coolest small towns, DeLand with her husband Jim, and Maltese rescue Zach.

About Betsi Hill

As a travel expert, influencer, and blogger, who is passionate about travel, I strongly believe that my purpose is to inspire others to embark on their own lifetime adventure of exploration.

For me, travel is not just a one-time experience, but rather a way of life. When you view life through this lens, it becomes a thrilling journey, and you open yourself up to the unknown and step out of your comfort zone.

As I reflect on the journey my husband and I have shared for over three decades, my heart swells with love and joy. It all began with a mutual passion for food, savoring each bite and sharing in the delight of new flavors. Our passion for food evolved into an insatiable desire for travel and adventure.

The memories we’ve created, the beauty of different cultures, and the stories we’ve shared are our treasures that we hold dear to our hearts.

We’ve laughed together, cried together, and shared unexpected and unforgettable moments together on our journeys. We continue to seek out new adventures and travels, and share them with you.

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